Welcome to Kitchen Organization Week at Charleston Crafted!

Hello all! This week we will be taking a bite out of spring cleaning by organizing our whole kitchen! It didn’t start out too badly around here, but since Sean moved in, we’ve combined all of our stuff and have ended up with a lot of duplicates and over packed drawers and cabinets.

This week is all about organization & having a place for everything. We need to purge & label everything to make the most efficient use of our space!

Today, we’re just going to tease you with a mood board of all of our favorite kitchen organization ideas! Check them out below & make sure to check in all week to see what projects we conquer!

kitchen org mood board

Pantry- The pantry is the #1 place that needs to be revamped in the kitchen. I adore the idea of placing all of the loose items like rice & pasta in matching canisters. I really would love to at least break things into categories & store like items together, as well as to clear some of the extra non-food stuff out of there!

Baking Center- I love the idea of having all of my baking materials in one place. I adore how this display has all of the measuring spoons  on display. It has the double purpose of getting them out of the junky drawers and having them in easy reach whenever I’m baking or cooking.

Pots & Pans- This is an area of the kitchen that seriously needs help. No matter what I do to organize them, they always end up in a horrific, jumbled pile. I love how Kevin & Amanda use dividers to separate everything. I particularly love the added storage of pans on the shelves above. I’ve always stored my pans in the section under my stove, but then I have to, once again, dig for anything that I want.

Under the Sink- We really need to get our under the sink situation on check. I am really digging this picture, from My Home Ideas. It incorporates several crucial elements. First of all, there’s a trash can. We keep our recycling under the sink & would love to continue doing so. I love the lazy susan for cleaning supplies. I also love the removable caddy holding most often used cleaning products. Finally, the door storage really maximizes the space! The only thing is that I think our sink has a lot more pipes underneath!

If you like these, check out more on our pantry, organization, and kitchen boards on pinterest!

Have you organized your kitchen? Post a link in the comments below, I’d love to see!

How Do You Feel About Acrylic Furniture?

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Hello April!

I am so excited for April in Charleston! It’s one of my favorite months because the weather is gorgeous & everything just comes to life!

We have some exciting news to share on the blog! As y’all might know, Sean got back from his ten week stay in Maryland two weeks ago. Well, the lease on his apartment ran out at the end of March & he has officially moved into the condo! We are very excited for this new chapter in our lives together & can’t wait to see where we are going to put all his furniture & the dreaded Panthers shower curtain!!!

With Sean’s return, we will also be returning to daily blog posts! I’m so excited to bump up the number of projects, meals, and experiences that we can share!

Sorry for the over use of exclamation points, I’m just so very excited about it all!!!

What does April hold for you?!

March Recap

March has been a crazy month around here! Here’s a recap of everything we’ve had going on:

In the Condo:

livingroom ugly

I finally got around to painting the fire alarms in my condo in a nice glossy white. It’s such an upgrade over the eyesore that the red ones were before.

activate a cable outlet

I rearranged my living room for a much more open floor plan. I also activated a cable outlet without having to call the cable company!

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

I made fully lined & grommeted curtains for my bedroom – without sewing a stitch! I can’t wait to get them hung!


We shared our color coded floor plan so that you could see not only the colors & layout of the condo, but also the flow between the rooms.

In the Kitchen:

Apple Walnut Salad- Charleston Crafted

I shared one of my favorite salads- the apple walnut with chicken. Yum yum, it is so easy and so filling ! I make it for lunches at work at least once a month!

I shared my new years resolution of eating healthy. I shared how I keep salads (that I take for lunch at work) exciting and delicious.



I can’t wait to get a window seat in the master bedroom! I shared this moodboard of inspiration & can’t wait to get one soon!

vanity stool collage - charleston crafted

I explored a few options for a new stool to go with my vanity. Nothing says a little luxury like putting on your makeup in a princess chair!

Other Stuff:

I'm gonna pop some tags - Charleston Crafted

Sean got home! He shared a thrift shop visit inspired by his favorite song & a nautical monkey knot door stop that he made in Maryland!

Monkey Fist Doorstop - Charleston Crafted

What did you do in March?

Seeking Inspiration for a new Vanity Stool!

Even growing up, I have always had a vanity to sit at and do my hair and make up. Something about it is just so much more luxurious than getting ready in the bathroom. Right now I am using this yellow corner desk as a dressing table, but I’m thinking about dragging my old fashioned vanity back in from the guest room.

Either way, I’d love a new stool. Here’s some of the things I’ve been looking at:

vanity stool collage - charleston crafted

This Lila Chair from Urban Outfitters is an amazing shade of purple. I would call it orchid purple & I love it! Too bad for the $250 price tag, but this baby has me wanting to experiment with this color.

This accrylic stool has been all over the interwebs. I’ve seen it on many flash sale sites. Target has it for $119.99. I am really intrigued by the accrylic- I think that it has a lot of potential in a small space. I’m a little afraid of it getting scratched by the animals, though.

I really like the whimsical clover shape of this Hillsdale stool. For $78.99, its one of the better deal that I’ve seen. I also like the skinny wooden legs- too cute!

I’m digging the idea of a round, tufted, storage stool like this one from Target. I love the shape & the idea that I could store extra items like make up travel bags inside. It also inspired me to try to DIY something….

Where do you put on your makeup? Do you have a vanity chair? A favorite stool? Please share!

New Years Resolution Check In- Healthy Lunches

Mexican Taco Salads - Charleston Crafted

I’m usually not one to make resolutions- let alone keep them. But this year, as New Years coincided with Sean leaving for 10 weeks, I decided to make a concious effort to make a few “healthy lifestyle” changes. While I don’t consider … Continue reading

Color Coded Floor Plan

I was inspired by this post over at [my obsession] Young House Love to create a floor plan that shows the colors I’ve painted the various rooms of my condo. I think it does a good job of showing not only the layout of the place, but also the flow of colors that I have going on.


From the top left corner, clockwise down:

Click here for a full tour of the condo!

How to Tie a Monkey Fist Doorstop

Monkey Fist Doorstop - Charleston Crafted

Sean here! One of my “assignments” when I left for Maryland was that Morgan had seen a great idea to make a monkey fist knot doorstop. It’s a great idea for anywhere, but especially for any nautical-themed room in your house. … Continue reading