Pottery Barn Window Shop

I try to keep most of my home decor to a reasonable budget by focusing on second hand stores with DIY upgrades. Sometimes, however, it’s fun to go window shopping. Last weekend, we dropped into the King Street Pottery Barn, and man did they have some great stuff! Pottery Barn is a great place for basic, timeless pieces. It’s always fun to stop in!

Pottery Barn - DIning Chairs - Charleston Crafted

Check out these dining room chairs. The one on the right is sleek and would look great at a big, dark dining room table. We put it next to the slip covered version because Sean wanted to point out how frumpy it looks next to his naked brother. He hates slipcovers, while I see their merits. How do you feel about slip covered dining room chairs? Love their look or just their functionality?

Sunflower Bowls - Pottery Barn - Charleston Crafted

Check out these adorable sunflower bowls! How fun for fall and yummy with ice cream! Find them online here, 4 for $58, if you’re a baller like that.

Cork Vases - Pottery Barn - Charleston Crafted

These big double glass votives were cool. The corks would be neat for wine lovers, but you could also stuff them with fake flowers or sand! This would be super easy to DIY.

Sea Shell Candle - Pottery Barn - Charleston Crafted

Sean really liked these sea shell candles. I don’t think I could bear to burn them, though. They are available here in two different sizes.

Sectional Sofa - Pottery Barn - Charleston Crafted

Sean had to drag me away from this sectional sofa. It was down filled and so plush. It was also the micro fiber he loves. I would literally live on this couch if it were in my house. And look! It’s on sale for $2,599! *Sigh*

Knit Pillow - Pottery Barn - Charleston Crafted

Isn’t this pillow cozy? It totally reminds me of this chair that I obsessed over last winter. I couldn’t find it online but they do have this pillow sham.

Card Catalogue - Pottery Barn - Charleston Crafted

I’m crazy about card catalogs. This one was a dreamy color. The bottom sections were actually cabinet doors which was not my favorite.

Button Pillow - Potery Barn - Charleston Crafted

This pillow was cool too, but I totally think I could no-sew a pillow cover just like it! Might have to be my next pillow project!

Have you been window shopping lately? Where do you go when you want to look for inspiration a little above your budget?

The Kitchen Table Revamp

I knew my new apartment had a kitchen/dining area, but its not that big- the area is open but about 10 x 6 feet. A glass top wouldn’t look as bulky in the small space. So, it was just fate when I went home to North Carolina in August and saw this baby in our back yard:
Its been sitting in our backyard accumulating dirt for about ten years. My Granny covered the seats in outdoor fabric in the 70s…. and they were a little worn.
So, with the help of my daddy, I washed up the seats and table and got them ready for a fresh coat of paint.
Under the cushions, the chairs were really really rusty. I attacked them with steel wool for hours and hours. I thought my fingers were going to fall off. My dad ended up using an electric sander on the tough spots.
You can see the spots we had to really sand good because they were silver underneath the paint.
Then came the exciting part… paint! I argued with my dad for a while over the colors. He told me to stay dark and natural- he was in favor of a textured black. I really wanted gold. Shiny gold. He refused to help me paint them gold. So, after pouring over the paint aisle at Ace Hardware we settled on…..
I think its the perfect amount of fun and color without being odd or over the top. Plus, the navy really doesn’t show scratches as much as a light color would AND it matched the matte of a big picture I have hanging near it.
Next was time to cover the chair cushions! My dad cut plywood to fit the seats. I took an old foam mattress pad and cut it to fit the plywood.
I used spray adhesive to attach the foam to the plywood. Heavy books held them together while the glue dried.
I chose a bright fabric that makes me SO HAPPY!
I’m so happy with how they turned out! They are so perfect for me and my life right now and I can’t thank my daddy enough for all his help! Best of all, all I spent money on is the fabric and the spray paint! Pretty Awesome 🙂


Have you transformed any furniture lately? Had any adventures with spray paint?

Taco Thursday Presents: How to Cut an Onion

This week for Taco Thursday, we’d like to share a special skill we use a lot in our mexican-themed cooking- onion cutting. Onion is a crucial ingredient in almost all of our Taco Thursday dishes and since we’ve implemented this … Continue reading

DIY Pin Stripe Lamp Overhaul

I love my apartment- it is in a great location and is very nice and clean and safe. However, one thing about it that drives me absolutely bonkers is the fact that none of the rooms (except the bathrooms!) have wired overhead lighting. That’s right, everything has to be lit by lamps! Since I have to have lamps, I decided to try and make them statement pieces of my rooms.
My bedroom is pink and blue preppy themed. The comforter is Ralph Lauren and from Macy’s. I decided to make a lampshade inspired by my bedding. So, one Saturday I went thrifting and this is what I came back with:
Two men’s pinstripe shirts
From: James Island Goodwill
Cost: $2 each
Blue Ceramic Lamp
From: ReTail
Cost: $1.50
High School Musical 3-D Double Lampshade (be jealous)
From: James Island Goodwill
Cost: $1

Can you see where I’m going with this?
So, I laid out the shirts and cut the fabric to fit over the shades. Note- I layered the shirt fabric on top of a thicker solid white fabric to try and keep the colored shade from showing through. It still shows when lit up, but what can you do.
I did feel slightly bad cutting up the pink shirt because its from JCrew and cost someone an arm and a leg (or 135), but I figure it’s already had one good life and I’m glad to give it a second one! Plus, I had tons of fabric left over, I’m thinking pillows!

Then I began to hotglue. It took a lot of patience to pull the fabric taut enough. The smaller shade was waaaay more annoying because my hands really didn’t fit in the tiny little space there was to work with. But fifteen minutes later:
Ta-da! A preppy, pinstripe lamp! It goes perfectly in my room, don’t you think?



Have you done any transformations lately?

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Bar Stools

Even though I hate my apartment’s out of date kitchen, I really like the fact that there is a breakfast bar between the old fashioned room and the living room. It really opens up the space and gives me a nice big counter surface. I was really excited to get stools so I could use the bar for seating and eating.I found the perfect set of barstools at a little antique store in West Ashley for only $10 each! Too bad the wicker backing was busted up in them and the metal was rusty.
Its important to note that the upper back was originally wicker, but all torn up. I had the “great” idea to cut it out. It ended up being so messy and nasty. I left it in the second one and just covered them up with fabric on both sides. But I’m getting ahead of myself.The turquoise seat was actually covered with a table cloth I got for 25 cents at the same store. I thought they would be cute but they ended up looking terrible.So, I moved onto plan B.
I decided to spray the metal base of the chair navy blue to match my dining set.
I went a little crazy and painted the wooden frames of the seats white. I then recovered the seats and the insides of the backs with this adorable Crabby Lilly Pulitzer fabric I bought on ebay. I used hot glue to carefully glue the fabric into place in the backing and to cover the seat cushion. I screwed all the pieces back together and voila!
I LOVE HOW THEY ENDED UP!!! What a great upcycle! The Lilly print matches my color scheme and is perfectly beachy! Plus, Lilly always makes me happy.
What furniture have you updated lately?