Crazy Simple BBQ Chicken

Don’t you just love crockpot meals? Well here’s another recipe to add to your list that might be the easiest one you have in your binder. My mom’s aunt came up with this recipe years ago and it’s so simple that anyone can do it (even Sean, who came home on his lunch break and did it in ten minutes!).


1 lb of chicken

½ cup of water

½ cup of apple cider vinegar

½ cup of ketchup

1 T of sugar

1 t of red pepper flakes (or if you like spice, use 1 T)

BBQ Chicken Mixture

Coating the chicken with the mix soaks it in the flavor

In the crockpot, add all the ingredients and mix them together, making sure to coat all the chicken with the mixture and leave the chicken as much under the liquid as possible. Simmer on high heat if you are going to cook it for 5-6 hours, or simmer on low heat if you are going to leave it all day.

Steamy Chicken

You know its good when the steam is so visible!

In the end, you get very tender pieces of chicken that pack a lot of flavor. Serve it with your favorite sides (we chose mashed potatoes and peas, but you could use rice or a salad) and enjoy! Your dinner is ready in less than ten minutes when you are ready to eat!


Serve with your favorite sides for a complete meal!

Do you use a crockpot for many of your meals? What are your favorite crockpot recipes?

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