Beach Vacation Memory Jars

Sean and I went on an amazing cruise in May and, while we both bought souvenirs, my favorites are still the shells and sand that we collected while swimming and kayaking in Cozumel.

Cozumel, Mexico - Charleston Crafted

Cozumel, Mexico

We wanted to do something special with the sand. We also hope to do a lot more traveling together, so wanted to do something that we might be able to continue with future vacations (like our trip to San Francisco in October!)

So, I was of course pinspired. We started looking for the perfect memory jars. Sean had an amazing vision of a short, squat jar with a big cork lid. Like these old school piggy banks. We looked at Walmart, Michaels, Target, and all over the internet and found very little. We ended up settling on these even though they were a little more expensive than we were hoping.

Sand from Mexico - Charleston Crafted

So, we dumped our Cozumel sand into the jar! We liked how they looked about 3/4 full. The sand had some small shells in it which looks pretty cool in the jar.

Making Vacation Memory Jars - Charleston Crafted

Then I took a piece of cardstock and cut it into a little tent card and wrote “Cozumel Mexico” on it. The other side of the tent says “April 30, 2012”, the date we were in Cozumel.


Vacation Memory Jars - Charleston Crafted

What do you do to keep vacation memories alive?

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