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Hey everyone! So you’re obviously connected with us here on our blog and we’re so happy to have you. But did you know that we are also on other parts of the social media world? You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest very easily. Yeah, we have the same blogs you read here post to those sites, but we also have a bunch of other stuff that we post on these sites too!

Twitter Logo - Charleston Crafted

You’ll find us on Twitter at @CharlestonCraft. Yeah, we couldn’t fit our whole name in the username… You’ll see our blog posts go here, but we also find a lot of cool inspiration from other crafters on Twitter. Using hashtags such as #diy, #crafts, #crafting, #art, #food, etc, you can find a lot of other people doing the same thing you’re doing and share great ideas.

Twitter Logo - Charleston Crafted

We’re pretty much still on the starting block with our Facebook page. Our username is CharlestonCrafted, but we don’t have a huge following yet, so you can be one of the pioneers! Here we have posted all of our blog posts, dating back to when we first started, and have also tried to incorporate some other things. We’re planning to add more photo albums, pages, etc. and would love to connect with you there. It’s a great place where you can share your projects with us too!

Pinterest Logo - Charleston Crafted

Pinterest was our first toe in the water for crafting social media. Morgan started this page under her own username of CharlestonMorga, and since it is so amazingly populated with great DIY/food/art/awesomeness, we thought it would be better to just direct you there, rather than trying to build a new following through our blog. UPDATE: you can now find us on the (same but re-named) page at CharlestonCraft!

So come on out and join us! We’d love to connect with you on a more personal level. Our social media pages allow us to better interact with you and check out the ways you’ve been inspired. Comment below with your social media handles and be sure to follow us!

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