Eat it or Beat it: FUNdamiddles Cupcakes

Hello all! Here at Charleston Crafted, we LOVE cupcakes! I love baking them and Sean loves eating them and so we are always excited to try a new cupcake mix. We spotted this one, FUNdamiddles at the new Super Walmart. It features cookies and cream cupcakes with the cream in the middle.

Eat it or Beat it: FUNdamiddles

The recipe was pretty easy. You just add water, eggs, and oil to the mix and stir.

FUNdamiddles Cupcakes - Charleston Crafted

You put about half of the dough into a cookie sheet with cupcake papers. Then you squeeze a blob of icing into each and top with the remaining dough. Bake in the oven and ta-da!

FUNdamiddle Cupcakes

The verdict? The cream in the middle is cool. But the cake was only so-so. If you want an amazing cookie cupcake recipe, try our oreo cupcake, which only has one extra step over these and taste about a thousand times as good. But we liked the icing in the middle- it doesn’t get hard after a few days like icing on the top can. I will definitely try this technique again- maybe with a big fat marshmallow!

What have you been baking lately?

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