Do you Birchbox? October Edition

I received my October Birchbox around the 15th but didn’t want to post this too early and spoil it for any of you that might get them yourself- I know that half of the fun of the Birchbox is the surprise!

If you’ve never heard of it, Birchbox is a company that, for $10 a month, sends you a box of sample sized beauty products. The products vary each month and it’s kind of like a “gift to yourself.” I love getting mail and especially packages, and I like make up, so I thought I would give it a try.

I have to preface this with the fact that I actually signed up for Birchbox in September, but that box never arrived to me. After 7 days, however, an email to Birchbox quickly resulted in me being credited for a “free” October box. So, that was annoying, but I appreciated the speed and ease with which Birchbox’s customer support resolved the issue.

So, I was extra-super excited to receive my October box. I love that it fits in my condo mail box- no waiting for the office hours to claim a package for me! I also love the packaging:

Do You Birch Box?

Do You Birchbox?

It really is like getting a present!

When you sign up, you take a little survey about your age, skin type, and lifestyle to help get products more tailored to you.

Do You Birchbox?

Do You Birchbox?

This month’s theme was “transformations.” As in, ways to transform your beauty routine. Inside my box was:

Do You Birchbox?

Face Cream (x2)- Benta Berry– I’m really low maintenance and usually steer clear of too many potions, but this stuff smells goooood! I love it and it really does make my face feel soft. But don’t get me wrong, these tubes are tiny. Two uses each, max. So I’m not a reliable source to whether these will really transform your skin over time.

Do You Birchbox?

Eye Shadow- The Balm Man-izer Highlighter- I really don’t wear eye shadow, especially the sparkly kind. I have a tendency of smearing it all over my face and looking like a lady of the night. However, this stuff is nice and neutral and claims to be an all over face highlighter. I actually like it- hey, maybe I’ll transform my routine and start wearing eyeshadow!

Do You Birchbox?

Lip Balm- Mox Botanicals Lip Butter- I am a huge chap stick and lip gloss lover. However, I hate this kind in the little tubs. I think it’s gross sticking my finger in there and then sticking it in my mouth. That being said, it smells delicious!

Do You Birchbox?

Perfume- Harvey Prince You Had Me At Hello- I usually only wear one perfume, but I like having little samples for traveling. This perfume is light and fruity, but not really October-appropriate.

Do You Birchbox?

Protein Bar- Luna Chocolate Peanut Butter- Every box comes with a little non-makeup treat. This granola bar is delicious! It is the perfect after-work before-run snack. I really hope to pick some more of these up at the grocery store!

Overall, I think Birchbox is cool. I really love getting mail and presents, so I will probably stick it out a couple more months.

If you’re interested, you can sign up to try Birchbox here. (For the record, clicking that link will have you “referred” by me. I will get 50 “birch points” which I hope are like sub club stamps beacuse I used to love me some of those. If you’re uncomfortable with that, feel free to go to and check it out/sign up for yourself!)

Do you Birchbox?

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