DINOmite Fossil Cookies

This week we are celebrating Halloweek here at Charleston Crafted! Check in every day to see how we are decorating and baking for one of my favorite holidays!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have so many happy memories of dressing up and eating and trading candy with my sister; I love celebrating it all October long. I recently made some spooky fossil cookies to get us in the spirit. They are SO easy and can be made with any cookie recipe!

First, make whatever cookie dough you are craving. This could be as simple as place and bake or as fancy as your favorite scratch recipe. I landed somewhere in between with pumpkin bread mix from Costco. I replaced the eggs, oil, and water with a stick of butter and one egg to make it thick enough for cookies.

Simply ball the dough and place it on your greased pan.

Now, take little plastic critters- I got the best results with large spiders- and press them into the dough.

halloween fossil cookies - charleston crafted


Bake them according to your normal cookie directions. In the end, these turn out subtle. So subtle, in fact, that Sean mistook his cockroach cookie for “just being lumpy” but the spiders look nice and they make me happy 🙂

fossil cookies - charleston crafted

Any easy tricks you use to make your favorite recipes spooky?

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