Happy Halloween! Let’s Carve Pumpkins!

Even when you grow older and you’ve moved out of your parents’ house and have a life of your own, you sometimes want to get back to doing the things you did as a kid that made you happy. Halloween is the perfect time to do that. Dress up. Go to parties. Eat candy. Scare your friends. Or do what we did and carve some pumpkins!

Neither of us had carved a pumpkin in a few years, so we went to the pumpkin stand/yard/field/display/thing at a church down the road and picked out two good pumpkins.

After we settled on the perfect orange vegetables, the first step was to cut open the top to create our lids.

Cutting our pumpkin lids - Charleston Crafted

Next came the gross part where we had to scoop out all the guts and seeds. We kept the seeds because we have some neat ideas for how to cook them (so stay tuned!).

Picking Pumpkin Seeds - Charleston Crafted

After our pumpkins were mostly cleaned out and no longer goopy, we each picked a design and then traced it along the outside of the pumpkin with a pen.

Drawing Bat Symbol - Charleston CraftedDrawing the Octopus - Charleston Crafted

Then we started to carefully cut away the pieces that didn’t need to stick and started making our masterpieces.

Cutting out holes - Charleston Crafted

In the end we had two great designs! The Batman symbol and octopus are the best carvings on the block!

Lit up Octopus - Charleston CraftedLit up Bat Symbol - Charleston Crafted

It was a lot of fun, but we definitely didn’t remember it being so much work as when we were kids. Probably because our dads were the ones that did all the hard stuff!

Final Pumpkin Carvings - Charleston Crafted

Did you carve pumpkins this year? What design did you use? Share your pics below!

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