What’s in my Birchbox: November Edition

November birchbox - Charleston Crafted

After my September box never came and my October box was pretty meh, I was fully prepared to cancel my subscription after this box. However, I was pleasantly surprised with what I received this month!

The box was a little delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, but I think that was acceptable. Once it got here, I saw that it was nicely wrapped in typical Birchbox style. The theme for this month was giving thanks, though nothing really screamed that to me except the purple envelope. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first item that I noticed was another granola bar- this time Soy Joy brand and cranberry flavored. I get the Thanksgiving vibe here. I love these bars for breakfast and snacks so I was pretty excited to try a new flavor.

November birchbox - Charleston Crafted

The next item was a Oscar Blandi harispray. It’s a mini size but it’s actually perfect for my purse! I’m excited to use this on the go and at work!

November birchbox - Charleston Crafted

The third item was what excited me the most- a full sized mascara! In my book, that’s worth the $10 right there. The only thing is that it is blackest black and I usually use brown-black. That being said, it’s nothing special, nothing fabulous, but a great day to day mascara. This will last a long time, too!

November birchbox - Charleston Crafted

There was also this purple cardboard gift envelope. I think you’re supposed to use it to give a gift to someone else… but I threw mine away. I’m into regifting but this is a little too obvious for me.

November birchbox - Charleston Crafted


Inside the envelope were two perfume samples. The first was a Juicy Couture fragrance- similar to what I wore in high school, but I love perfume saple tubes for travel so I won’t complain here.

November birchbox - Charleston Crafted

Also inside the envelope was this lavendar body serum. It smelled like potporri and was pretty greasy, but I’m thinking I’ll throw it in my car incase I ever need an emergency freshen up!

November birchbox - Charleston Crafted


Overall, I was pretty happy with this Birchbox. I got a lot of full sized product and nothing I’ll never use (except for the envelope, but that was kind of a “bonus”). I was planning to cancel my subscription but have decided to ride it out thru December.

Do you Birchbox? Interested in signing up? Click here!

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