ANOTHER Painting Makeover- Guest Room Edition!

The third and final (major) stop on the painting express happened this past weekend- we painted my guest room! this room has been and still is lacking a real purpose, but at least it is painted now. I really think that painting a room makes it feel much more homey and more me. I’m not saying that painting is easy, but it is a project that you can knock out in a day that really dramatically transforms a space! Check out my living room and master bedroom painting makeovers if you haven’t already!

My original plan for this room was navy blue. I was even pushing for some chevron on this big wall. However, after falling in love with this comforter from West Elm, I decided to mix it up a little and go more teal. So, we followed our usual pattern and painted splotches of three colors on different areas of the room:

Teal Paint Samples - charleston crafted

From left to right: Bermuda, French Riviera, Schooner (all Olympic)

This picture doesn’t show it well, but French Riviera really had terrible coverage. Even though this was rough, I had visions of having to do four or five coats and immediately nixed it. In the end, I decided I likes the greeniness (my new word) of Schooner, so that is what we got! Sean was thrilled because it very closely matches UNCW teal, the color of his alma mater.

So, we taped and painted. Starting to get really good at this!

Here’s a reminder of how the room looked before:

Guest Room Before

And here it is after:

Guest Room Painting - After - Charleston Crafted

Guest Room Painting - After - Charleston Crafted

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