Painting Glass Jars

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I somehow have accumulated a lot of make up items! I recently decided to go thru my stuff and throw away old or unused items, and thought I would jazz up the joint along the way.

I like to keep my brushes and make up in glass jars. I have a variety of jars, but especially like to use jelly jars. I also use small glass votives or shot glasses for hair pins. I was recently pinspired by this to upgrade my existing jars.

Make Up Jars Before - Charleston Crafted

So, I first ran my jars thru the dish washer. They were pretty dirty from housing makeup for a long time. Next, I used 98 cent craft paint to paint the inside.


I quickly realized that wet paint on wet paint wiped off the old paint, So, I had to let the paint dry over night in between coats. Each jar got about 3 coats.


I then let the jars dry for a whole week before putting anything in them. I read online about baking them in the oven, but some of the reviews said they bubbled or cracked so I decided to risk not doing it.


In the end, I love the jars and cannot wait to make more. I think that the solid colored jars really help to eliminate the visual clutter of the multi colored make up containers. I love them and can’t wait to make more updates to my new vanity set up!

Have you made any upgrades to little things in your home lately?

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