Restaurant Review: Wild Olive

Everyone has their favorite restaurants. For us, one of ours is Wild Olive on Johns Island. It’s fancy, but not too upscale Italian food. If you’ve never been, Wild Olive can seem a little difficult to find, but for an easy reference, it’s right across the street from the Post Office. This weekend, we decided to celebrate a special occasion by making another trip. As usual, we were not disappointed.

We started out with a delicious appetizer of risotto fritters stuffed with sausage, spinach, parmesan and mozzarella. They were incredible. The perfect amount of crispy on the outside with the perfect blend of melted goodness on the inside. Plus, the sauce they are served with was to die for and we used it to dip our bread in as well.

Wild Olive Risotto Fritters - Charleston Crafted

For our entrees, Morgan went with the same dish she gets at any Italian restaurant- Chicken Parmesan. I like chicken parm too, but something about it drives her crazy. Apparently, Wild Olive has recently changed how they make this dish; substituting the standard pasta for a potato substance. Luckily, they allow you to still order it the old way as well. The chicken is basically a full-bird and couldn’t be finished by anyone. It is smothered with a house marinara which complements the alfredo-covered pasta quite well.

Wild Olive Chicken Parm - Charleston Crafted

I prefer to be adventurous and try different things whenever I go to restaurants. I opted this night for the agnolotti filled with chicken, parmesan and ricotta, covered in a chicken-chive butter. It was a great choice. Agnolotti is basically ravioli and every little pillow was filled with flavor. The chicken-chive butter sauce tasted a lot like Thanksgiving stuffing, so that could make or break the deal for some of you, but I thought it was delicious.

Wild Olive Chicken Agnolotti - Charleston Crafted

For dessert, we finished off with the daily special which was a chocolate molten cake with vanilla gelato. It was really good, but the problem with getting chocolate molten cake at a restaurant is that it is always the same. There is really no variation on it. It’s like there is a giant chocolate molten cake factory that just sends their delicacy to every restaurant in America and they toss it in the microwave. Again, not bad, just nothing special.

Wild Olive Chocolate Molten Cake - Charleston Crafted

Have you been to Wild Olive? What is your “special occasion” restaurant??

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