Gift Wrap Door Organization

With Christmas right around the corner, I have been stocking up on wrapping paper! My favorite spot for bright & sparkley paper is Target- they have a great selection for good prices. The dollar store is also a good spot, but I’ve found their rolls to be really small.

Regardless, I decided that I needed a nice way to store my gift wrapping goods. My condo has the perfect craft closet, but since I’ve moved in it’s really served as a junk holder.

Closet Before - Charleston Crafted

So, I was pinspired by this to store my paper on the closet door. This frees up closet space and keeps it all coralled.

So, the first thing I did was hang an over the door hooks & basket to keep small items organized.

Then I took a stacking metal wire basket  (also from Target) and attached it to the bottom of the door using command hooks. I put it slightly off center so that the rolls would not hit the knob.

Command Hook Basket Charleston Crafted

Then I realized that the basket was too deep for the door to close. #Fail. So, I took everything out of the bottom of my closet.

This is my fabric hoard stash. I’m slightly ashamed, though I showed you here how fun fabric scraps can be! So, I organized everything into 4 piles- large pieces, small pieces, scraps, and ribbon/felt/special fabric.

Fabric Piles Charleston Crafted

Then I dragged out an old tupperware drawer from my other closet, and filled her up!

Fabric Drawers Charleston Crafted

Much better! I have to turn the drawers sideways to fit, but I so rarely use fabric that this is totally fine for now. I love using what I already have!

Command Strips Charleston Crafted

Next, I added a rod to hold all the rolls in place. This was a curtain rod that I got for $2 from walmart and used in my old apartment. It is too short for my windows now, but is a perfect fit for this door. I attached the mounts using command strips without the hooks- 2 per side.

Wall Rod Charleston Crafted

Ta-da! Now all of my paper is coralled out of the way.

Over the Door Wrapping Paper Storage Charleston Crafted

Don’t mind the craziness that is the rest of this closet, it’s a work in progress and I have big visions for it!

How do you store your gift wrap?

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