Let There be Light!

I think that one of the easiest ways to take a home for generic to gorgeous is to swap out the builders grade light fixtures for something a little more personal and unique. Unfortunately, I live in South Carolina, where ceiling fans are a blessing from god in the summer.

So, I’m planning to leave my ceiling fans in the living room & bedrooms (and would like to add one on the porch!) but would love to upgrade some of the other fixtures.

I started with my dining room light. It’s the first thing that you see when you enter my condo, and ever since our first trip to Ikea, I’ve been obsessed with this light:

MASKROS Pendant lamp IKEA Projects decorative patterns onto the ceiling and on the wall.

Much to my surprise, Sean recently gifted me the Maskros for our anniversary! We assembled it this week to get it ready for my mom and grandma’s quick visit on their way to Columbia for the Willie Nelson concert!

Installing a Maskros Pendant Lamp - Charleston Crafted

Here’s the light before- a generic (though not hideous) 3 lamped candider. A definite plus of this light is that is let off a ton of light. But, its important to remember that within eight feet there is also a ceiling fan, a kitchen overhead light and the desk light.

Installing a Maskros Pendant Lamp - Charleston Crafted

The first step was for Sean to remove the original fixture. He unscrewed the light & unclipped the electricity wires and gently handed me the light. We saved it because we might use it somewhere else.

Installing a Maskros Pendant Lamp - Charleston Crafted

It was harder than it should have been to remove the light because I don’t have a ladder and Sean had to fully extend his arms to reach the ceiling from a chair.

Installing a Maskros Pendant Lamp - Charleston Crafted

Next, he set the Maskros wire to the length that we thought we would like. You adjust the clip to leave as much wire as you’d like it to hang from the ceiling.

Installing a Maskros Pendant Lamp - Charleston Crafted

Then, he installed this metal plate by re-clipping the electricity wires and screwing it into place.

Installing a Maskros Pendant Lamp - Charleston Crafted

Installing a Maskros Pendant Lamp - Charleston Crafted


Then you shove the long wire into the plastic cup. It wasn’t perfect, but Sean had to go to basketball practice so I decided to proceed with the assembly on my own. The next step is to attach the metal “rays” to the plastic clip and then attach the plastic clip to the bottom. It all snaps together very easily.


You continue going around and snapping in rays all the way around. It’s important to note that there are (very faint) labels on each end of the plastic rays. One end is A and one end is B. You need to match this up to the lettering on the plastic loops or it will look crooked and wonky.


Next, you snap in the paper petals. I started at the top so that I didn’t block myself out. There are 84 clips and you have to line up the ridges and pop them til you hear a loud CLICK.


Ta-da! I am SO HAPPY with how it turned out. See the shadows of little petals on the wall? Gorgeous. The only down fall is that one bulb is dimmer than 3, so it is less light than I was used to. With that being said, there are plenty of other bright lights in the surrounding rooms.

Do you have any fun light fixtures in your home?

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