Mama Mia! That’s a Spicy Knife Block!

For our anniversary, Sean was sweet enough to get me not only a new light fixture for over the kitchen table, but also the Young House Love book! For those of you that don’t know, Young House Love is an amazing DIY home improvement blog and is my inspiration in life. Seriously, when I grow up, I want to be them.

So, when they recently posted this project challenge, I was inspired to try to recreate some of their projects.

They do a lot of big projects but also some fun small ones. And #49 really tempted me.

I have previously kept my knives in a drawer. I have a knife block, but it’s cheap and I think it’s ugly so I haven’t really used it since my move.


I started with this glass wide vase. I originally picked it up at a thrift store and used to use it to store koozies.


I’m trying to keep a subtly-nautical vibe in my place, so I chose these mini shells. I bought two boxes for less than $2 from Walmart. I ended up using about a box and a half.


All I did was dump in the pasta and then stick in knives! Its kind of silly but totally fun, at least until I can get a nicer knife block!




Have you been inspired by Young House Love?    

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