What’s in my Birchbox- December Edition

As y’all know by now, I’m pretty into Birchbox. I really enjoy getting a little present in the mail every month. The wrapping & even just having a package in my mailbox after a day of work really is a burst of sunshine in my day.

I also think Birchbox makes a great gift for the lady in your life- you can give gift subscriptions in increments of 3 months!

I shared my October and November boxes with you already, here’s what came in my December box:

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

The theme this month was “All Wrapped up”. Basically a gift theme, though I really think Birchbox could ditch the themes because the products don’t really follow them but that’s ok with me!

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

This box had a couple of good sized items and a couple of packets. This bottle of lotion was a really good size, but it was basically normal, lightly floral lotion. Nothing jazzy, but good for my desk drawer at work!

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

The fun freebie in this box was a paper gift tag. Kinda cute, though I think I accidentally threw it away with the box. oops….

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

There were 2 packets of this Kerastase hair cream. It is supposed to protect it from heat. I flat iron my hair at least once a day, so I thought that was pretty cool. I have used it once so far and didn’t see much of a difference though my hair does look nice and shiny. Note- I think the sample packets are a lame birch box cop out but at least I got 2 this time and the next item made up for it.

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

A FULL SIZED LIP GLOSS! This gloss is the same brand as the full sized mascara last month- Model. It has the same built in mirror. It is an AWESOME shade of pink and is not sticky at all. It rocks and is worth the $10 and more. Boo-yah!

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

The next thing was this Juice Beauty face cream. Its ok, smells ok, just regular face cream to me. I’m not really into face cream and have accumulated a bunch of these so I was kind of like mehhhh.

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

There was also this packet of body lotion. Super duper lame and straight into my guest bathroom.

December Birchbox-Charleston Crafted

This box also included a $50 credit to Rent the Runway. Pretty cool if you have a fancy Christmas party to go to. Too bad all of my parties are casual!

Do you Birchbox? What did you get?

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