Adding a Baking Shelf to a Kitchen Cabinet

My mom recently gifted me these Rubbermaid canisters and I have been really excited to put them to use. I wanted to use them to store flour, sugar, and other rarely used kitchen items.

Even though I’m pumped to finally have a pantry, it’s not huge and my big trashcan takes up a considerable chunk of it. So, I decided that it would be better to store this stuff on the top shelf of one of my cabinets.

Unfortunately, the tallest canister would not fit.

Sad Sean - Charleston Crafted

So, Sean got the task of lowering the top two shelves. The top one, to make room for the canister; the second one to make up for the lost space of lowering the top shelf.

The brackets that are in the cabinets are good and bad. Good because they are the kind that have a lip to hold the shelf on the bottom and also have a springy clip on the top. This keeps the shelf from being able to tip or get knocked around. Bad thing is they are more difficult to take the shelf off.

Cabinet brackets - Charleston Crafted

First, you have to push in the top spring and try to move up the shelf a little so the spring stays down, then do the same thing on the other bracket on the same side. Then just lift up the shelf! Pull out all the brackets and shift them down to the next level.

Cabinet brackets - Charleston Crafted

Since that then made the shelf space below it unusable, we just shifted down the next shelf the same way. Then we added flour, sugar, coffee, & tea to the canisters. Neither of us drink coffee, but it’s nice to have for guests!

Baking Shelf - Charleston Crafted

My next step is to make cute labels for the canisters- I’m open to ideas for the labels and a nice way to attach them!

How do you store your baking supplies?

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