FIG Restaurant Review

Since Morgan and I are going our separate ways for a little while during the Christmas break, we decided to spend Christmas together on Wednesday. We wanted to go out to a nice dinner before exchanging presents and ended up settling on a place neither of us had ever been- FIG. (FYI- if you want to go, you need to make reservations at least 3 weeks in advance for dinner)

FIG stands for “Food is Good” and boy were they right. This restaurant isn’t for the traditional food kind of person. You need to be willing to try some stuff you wouldn’t normally see anywhere else. For instance, we started out with two cocktails (the Linnel and the Lion’s Share) and a coddled farm egg for an appetizer. The egg is served over easy in a cup with potato underneath and lumps of stone crab on top. They suggested we break the yolk and mix it all together. It was fantastic. Great mix that we never would think to try. It’s a must have if you come to FIG.

FIG Cocktails - Charleston Crafted

FIG Coddled Farm Egg - Charleston Crafted

The menu isn’t very long and changes on a daily basis. We settled on two interesting entree options. Morgan went with the chicken schnitzel, served with farro, leg confit and broccoli. It was lightly breaded so the flavor was there, but you weren’t overwhelmed with coating. It was very melt in your mouth and light compared to most chicken dishes.

FIG Chicken Schnitzel - Charleston Crafted

I settled on the fish stew in cocotte because I just recently had my wisdom teeth removed and was trying to decide on something soft. I was in luck with the tasty stew which included shrimp, mussels, squid, rice grits and rouille. It was piping hot, so it took a while to eat, but it was quite tasty. Definitely had a cajun feel to it and hit the spot.

FIG Fish Stew - Charleston Crafted

Finally, we finished with a chocolate bubino for dessert. The pudding featured dripping caramel on the bottom with sea salt and mini olive oil croutons on top. it was the perfect end to the great meal. The salty and sweet combo really hit the spot.

FIG Chocolate Bubino - Charleston Crafted

All in all, if you are a foodie in Charleston, FIG is a MUST GO. Their semi-eccentric dishes are fit for people looking to try new things. If you like your standard dining, this is probably not the place for you. We loved it and can’t wait to try some more things!

Have you ever been to FIG? What are your favorite Charleston restaurants?

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