Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him, Her & Your Fluffy Friends

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A Weekend Getaway: Annapolis, DC, and Baltimore

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A Quick Day Trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Moses Cone Memorial - Charleston Crafted

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Replacing a Door Ball Stop

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A Great Gift: DIY Map Heart Art

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Top 12 in 2012

2012 was an amazing year for us here at Charleston Crafted. We wanted to take a moment to share our top 12 favorite things, places, and moments that we experienced this year:

12. A definite highlight of my year was passing my final CPA exam! It is something that took a lot of self discipline and motivation, but I was able to pass my all four exams while working full time! Woo hoo!

11. It seems a little silly to make this a highlight of my year, but Sean gave me this iphone case in my easter basket and it has seriously changed my life. It allows me to stora a credit card in it’s slot. So, if we casually run over to Publix, Menchies, or Jersey Mikes (all in a shopping center just a 3 minute walk away), I don’t have to carry my whole bag. It has really made my life easier and made me ever so slightly more care free- it’s an amazing feeling not to be constantly burdened by a huge purse!

10. I’m not super into apps, but the 5k runner app really revolutionized my exercising in 2012. I never thought that I could be a runner, but this app really made it very simple. There is no way that I could have been nearly as confident running a 5k without it, and odds are I would have given up after a couple of days of training. Click here for our full review of the app!

9. One of the most fun events in Charleston that we look forward to twice a year is Charleston Restaurant Week. It’s when restaurants around Charleston offer special dinner deals like 3 courses for $20, $30, or $40. We have explored tons of new restaurants that we otherwise would have not splurged for. We can’t wait to see what new restaurants we can discover this way!

8. I love mexican food. Tacos, burritos, enchilladas, its all delicious to me. Though we’ve recently gotten out of the habit (my office has a kickball team that plays on Thursday evenings and the game schedules have forced many of our recent thursday dinners to be more of the Taco Bell variety), Taco Thursdays are a great tradition for Sean & I. From enchiladas to tacos, to our own homemade curnch wraps & beer margaritas, we always have a blast thinking up, cooking, & eating mexican treats! That night of yummy food is a great almost-weekend treat that helps us get thru the week.

7. We love eating out, and restaurant week in Charleston is one of our favorite times to do it. It was at last fall’s restaurant week that we first discovered Lowcountry Bistro. It has since become one of our very favorite spots. We stopped their on our dish crawl, & I have taken my mom, grandma, and coworkers there. It was even where Sean wanted to have his final meal in Charleston before he left for his training in Maryland. This surprise gem has really been a highlight of the year & we hope it will stick around for many to come!

6. Another top moment in 2012 has to be our anniversary gifts. It was a huge surprise that had us both grinning from ear to ear when Sean & I each surprised each other with scrapbooks for our anniversary. Sean’s was a handcrafted account of our first year together, chock full of photos and mementos that he had been hoarding away, while I made him a Shutterfly album of pictures from our trip to San Francisco. It was pretty hilarious that we both had had the same thought, and a really sweet way to look back on the year.

5. I have piddled with the idea of starting a blog before (Xanga, anyone?) but never really wholeheartedly got into it until this year. And while sometimes it is frustrating or stressful when you can’t get a post to format right or you feel like no one is reading, it is really an awesome feeling to share my successes with the world. I have a very straight-forward day job, and a lot of times I feel like I only ever use the left side of my brain. Charleston Crafted has served as an awesome creative outlet for me & I just hope that I can keep it up & maybe inspire some people (and be inspired by people!) in the future.

4. Before we started blogging, and when Sean & I had known each other for only 5 months, we went on a spring cruise aboard the Carnival Dream & saw Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Honduras. Though nothing always goes exactly as planned, we still had an amazing time. We saw tons of gorgeous places & I found it so exciting to see how adventurous Sean could be. Travel is super important to me & seeing his willingness to try something new really gave me good feelings about him. I knew right then that this was only the begining of our adventure!

3. One of the craziest experiences of the year has to be running the Color Me Rad race in Raleigh. I had run 5ks before but had never experienced anything like this. It was like a huge, happy, colorful party & we didn’t stop grinning the entire time. Being inside a colorbomb is a truly indescribable experience. I am so excited that they are coming to Charleston in the spring & can’t wait to relive this again!

2. This year we had the amazing privilege of taking a trip to San Francisco. From Alcatraz to the Redwoods, Lombard street to pier 39, it was one of the most beautiful places that either one of us had seen. We ate amazing food, caught up with one of Sean’s old friends, and had an undeniably fantastic experience all around. This trip just solidified in my head how important traveling & seeing the world is to me in my life & I can’t wait to see where our adventures will take us next!

1. The high point of 2012 has to be buying my first condo. I could have never anticipated being able to purchase a home only one year out of college, and especially never imagined that I could afford such an amazing place. It was a balance of determination, boldness and flexibility that got me this short sale baby and I couldn’t be happier! Click here for our always in progress condo tour page.

2012 was an undeniably great year, but we cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for us! Happy New Year!