A Football Field of Snacks- Football Cupcakes!

Next week is the College National Football Championship. In anticipation, we wanted to share a fun snack project inspired by Pinterest: The Football Field of snacks. Every day this week, we will be sharing an aspect of the field and will reveal the final product on friday!

What party is complete without cupcakes? No party I’m attending. I’m kind of the cupcake queen, but one of my most timeless & most requested recipes is the Easy Oreo cupcakes. for a football party, I suggest that you decorate them in a special way.

Football Cupcakes - Charleston Crafted

Frost them with chocolate frosting. One of my favorite tips for getting a nice finish on a cupcake is to take a metal knife and smooth the top. Run the blade under a stream of hot water & use the flat side to smooth the icing for a very easy very dramatic change!





Then I used a small tube of white icing to add football laces to the cupcakes. Cute & easy!


What’s your favorite cupcake recipe?

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