What’s in my Birchbox- January edition

Hello all! Wanted to pop in & share my latest birch box! Make sure to check out October, November & December here.

This box was ok- I got 2 perfume samples, 3 cream samples, and a full sized eyeliner. The eyeliner is nice (though I usually don’t wear black) but the rest is kind of lame. This box had me very close to cancelling. Birchbox has one more month to sway me back!


Here is the first moisturizer- Embryolisse brand. It’s ok but a tiny bottle.


This little tube of hair oil is awesome- I love oiling my hair, but unfortunately, I have thick hair. This was barely enough to do it once!


I got 2 packet samples of pure body cream- basically scented lotion. Cool that its vegan, but once again a tiny amount.



Here’s the only decent thing in my box- eyeko liquid eyeliner, full sized. Pretty cool!


It also came with this birchbox poster. I’m not sure who they think would hang this up…….


Finally was this perfume sample. Smells ok, but I’m overflowing with these samples by now!


If I don’t love my next box, I’m going to cancel it. It’s too bad because some peoples boxes look like they were pretty good, but I just hate getting packets & tiny samples.

Do you birchbox? What did you get? Are you going to stick with it?

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