A Quick Day Trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Knowing that I was going to be heading out of town for a couple months, Morgan and I decided to take a day trip when we were in North Carolina for the holidays. We both have very fond memories from childhood of the mountains of North Carolina, so we headed up to Blowing Rock and Boone.

I guess since we are from Charleston now and it is warm in the winter, for some reason we weren’t really thinking about the temperature. We dressed warm-ish, but we weren’t prepared for the snow that happened all day long. We checked out a couple of short hiking trails, but unfortunately all the real trails we had planned were along the Blue Ridge Parkway and much of that was closed due to weather.

We started by hiking up Thunder Hill in Blowing Rock and checking out some great views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Blowing Rock NC - Charleston Crafted

Blowing Rock NC - Charleston Crafted

Then we drove over to Boone and checked out the downtown shops. If you’ve never been, there are great antique shops and candy stores in a quaint little downtown. We also checked out an area in the mountains that I know well from my childhood.

Boone, NC - Charleston Crafted

After this, we went back through Blowing Rock on the way back to Charlotte, but decided it stop a a cool park called the Moses Cone Memorial. Fun fact- he’s the guy that invented blue jeans! The hike around the lake was gorgeous. By this time, the whole area was completely covered with snow and ice and we took a couple beers for our walk. It was my favorite part of the day.

Moses Cone Memorial - Charleston Crafted

Moses Cone Memorial - Charleston Crafted

It was an amazing day and reinforced that we both want to live in the mountains at some point in our lives. I loved it and can’t wait to go back.

What are your favorite day trip spots? Have you ever been to Blowing Rock?

One thought on “A Quick Day Trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina

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