Seeking Inspiration- Moroccan Side Tables

I’m really digging the Moroccan trend that’s been all over pinterest. I love the balance of curvy & sharp geometric lines. I’m trying to design my master bedroom to have a strong contrast between masculine geometric patterns & feminine colors and textures. I would love to replace the boring white square side table I’ve had since college with a sharp moroccan – inspired piece. I think it would look great on the other side of the bed from the side table we refinished here.

I haven’t found anything that I head over heels love yet, but I wanted to share some inspiration with you! I’m hoping that I will find one at Homegoods or a thrift store soon!

moroccan table

1.  The lucky writers of Young House Love found this table at a thrift store! I am so jealous of their find. Its a good, simple piece that isn’t overly Moroccan. If only I could get so lucky!

2. This ceramic garden stool version is pretty cool. I like the white, but could really get into it in a deep navy blue. I could really see this piece on a screened porch or patio!

3. This table is actually marketed as a stool, but I can’t get over the intricate leg work. The grey color would make it a dreamy addition to my condo, too!

4. I can’t get over how modern this Bernhardt Moroccan Side Table is! Sean isn’t really into the acrylic furniture trend, but I think that it could look great in a small space.

5. Though not as overtly Moroccan, I dig the geometric detail in this side table from Target. The wood finish is also a gorgeous color.

6. This table also has really neat subtly Moroccan lines. I think it would go great in a room that’s already busy, or with bold accessories. I also can’t get over how many cool colors it comes in! Lilac? Poppy? Yes, please!

Are you into the Moroccan trend? What side table inspires you??

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