A World of Inspiration- Windowseat Benches!

Ever since I first moved into my condo, I have wanted to have some sort of seating under the large window in my master bedroom. I originally centered my bed under it, but that wasn’t quite what I was looking for (and I hated the narrow space left on either side of the bed.)

So, lately, I’ve been scoping for some kind of window seat! That would add a little extra seating- and possibly storage- to the room. The kitty cat and puppy dog love looking out windows so I think it will be a great addition to the room!

I haven’t sprung for a purchase yet- I’m still trying to decide what vibe I’m going for. I’d love to hear your opinions!


1. X shaped benches and ottomans are totally trendy right now. I have toyed with the idea of having two smaller stools right next to each other, but ultimately think I would like one bench better. I love the deep grey of this one (overstock.com, $304.99).

2. I’ve seen several versions on the blog-world (this is my fave) of a 5×1 Expedit (like the kind in my closets) turned on its side & used as a bench. I’d upholster or sew a cushion for it and add storage baskets. Pro- great storage. Con- its safe. I’d like to do something a little more adventurous! (Ikea Expedit, 5×1, $59.99)

3. As far as storage, nothing would be better than a hinged storage bench. I like this one’s grey fabric, sweet tufts, and dark wood legs. I think it looks much nicer than the typical boxy storage benches you see at Walmart. This guy would provide a ton of storage for blankets or throw pillows! (overstock.com, $234.99)

4. I am obsessed with this pink greek key bench! I love the side pattern and adore the pink color! It wouldn’t exactly flow with my room, but I really like how sleek it looks, yet still has some personality. I would pair it with some navy blue cushions, maybe in my next room! (zinc door, $623)

5. I really think that this acrylic bench could look cool under the window. I like accrylic for a small space, especially how it doesn’t take up much visual room. Sean, however, hates acrylic (haters gonna hate) and thinks it looks cheap. I’m also afraid that the animals wouldn’t get it or would scratch it up! (cb2.com, $279)

6. I think that this bench would look like a mustache for my window! I love the curly shape and think it would be really cute and whimsical. I think the black would look good with all of the light colors I have going on & match some of my black frames on wall art! (Lulu and Georgia, $472.50)

What’s your favorite?

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