Welcome to Kitchen Organization Week at Charleston Crafted!

Hello all! This week we will be taking a bite out of spring cleaning by organizing our whole kitchen! It didn’t start out too badly around here, but since Sean moved in, we’ve combined all of our stuff and have ended up with a lot of duplicates and over packed drawers and cabinets.

This week is all about organization & having a place for everything. We need to purge & label everything to make the most efficient use of our space!

Today, we’re just going to tease you with a mood board of all of our favorite kitchen organization ideas! Check them out below & make sure to check in all week to see what projects we conquer!

kitchen org mood board

Pantry- The pantry is the #1 place that needs to be revamped in the kitchen. I adore the idea of placing all of the loose items like rice & pasta in matching canisters. I really would love to at least break things into categories & store like items together, as well as to clear some of the extra non-food stuff out of there!

Baking Center- I love the idea of having all of my baking materials in one place. I adore how this display has all of the measuring spoons  on display. It has the double purpose of getting them out of the junky drawers and having them in easy reach whenever I’m baking or cooking.

Pots & Pans- This is an area of the kitchen that seriously needs help. No matter what I do to organize them, they always end up in a horrific, jumbled pile. I love how Kevin & Amanda use dividers to separate everything. I particularly love the added storage of pans on the shelves above. I’ve always stored my pans in the section under my stove, but then I have to, once again, dig for anything that I want.

Under the Sink- We really need to get our under the sink situation on check. I am really digging this picture, from My Home Ideas. It incorporates several crucial elements. First of all, there’s a trash can. We keep our recycling under the sink & would love to continue doing so. I love the lazy susan for cleaning supplies. I also love the removable caddy holding most often used cleaning products. Finally, the door storage really maximizes the space! The only thing is that I think our sink has a lot more pipes underneath!

If you like these, check out more on our pantry, organization, and kitchen boards on pinterest!

Have you organized your kitchen? Post a link in the comments below, I’d love to see!

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