The Living Room

My condo features on open living room – dining room – kitchen space, but I like to treat each of the areas as it’s own zone. Click to check out the dining room and kitchen.

Here is what the living room looked like when I moved in- builder beige walls but amazing, thick crown molding.

Living Room Before - Charleston Crafted

Living Room Before - Charleston Crafted

I was very lucky that my condo’s carpet was in such great shape when I first moved in. While I’d love to upgrade to dark hardwood floors, the HOA’s strict rules on acceptable floor and padding have me putting that project on the back burner for now.

The first thing I did was paint! I chose Olympic One’s Summer Breeze from Lowe’s. I think it is gorgeous and makes the white molding just pop.

Painting a Room - Charleston Crafted

Next I filled it with my old furniture. It is a lot of accumulated furniture that I’ve moved from apartment to apartment since college. I can’t wait to upgrade and replace it all with Big Girl Furniture!






Here’s what I’m hoping to work on soon:

  • paint the walls
  • get a big built in looking tv stand with bookshelves on either side
  • get one large sectional couch in navy or dark grey
  • upgrade the coffee table/ottoman
  • add a backboard behind the new couch
  • add curtains
  • add some sort of classy cat climbing furniture
  • hang bold artwork behind the couch

As an added bonus, here’s an inspirational collage I whipped up here:

Living Room Inspiration - Charleston Crafted

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