No Sew, Fully Lined & Grommeted Window Curtain Panels!

I really believe that, second to painting the walls, the easiest way to transform a room is to add window treatments. Though I’ve been living in my condo since mid-October (wow the time has flown!) I still am seriously lacking in curtains.

Until now.

I knew that I wanted to keep the gold & grey look going in my bedroom. I wanted something bold in color but subtle in pattern. And I wanted grommets. So, after poking around the interwebs a little bit, I decided to just dive in & make my own.

One evening while Sean was out of town, I bombarded his email with about 30 fabric ideas. Once he put on his wellies & dug thru his flooded inbox, we came out with one design we both loved – this Premier Prints Small Dandelion Twill Storm in yellow/white. (It appears to be sold out… now they only have white/yellow. And teal, pink, grey, etc. Sorry!) I love the sweet little dandelions & Sean dubbed them “subtly and not too girly.” Win, win.

I ordered 6 yards. I also ordered 6 yards of white blackout fabric & two packs of white no-sew grommets. The blackout fabric ended up being on back order so I just picked that up at our local Hancock’s.

Then I set out to get going on these bad boys. I actually contemplated sewing them, then opened my craft closet, saw all the junk piled on top of my sewing machine, and ran out and bought more Hem Tape (Steam & Seam for curtain #1 (Hancocks) and Ultra Bond (Walmart) for #2).

Let me take a beat to tell you about these two no-sew tapes. They were both awesome and both had a major pro and a minor con. The Steam & Seam was awesome because you peel off a layer of paper & it was sticky – but still re-positionable. This made it stay in place really well while you were waiting to iron it. However, you had to iron each spot for 20-30 seconds to fully melt it. The Ultra Bond melted in under 5 seconds, but wasn’t sticky, so it slid around a little bit, but no big deal. Both were awesome & I reccomend both!
You might of seen my no-sew tutorial here and here, but I’d be glad to reiterate it.

First, lay out your main fabric, face down. Iron it flat. I just ironed it flat on the carpet.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Then, I measured the length I wanted & cut it flat across. I used 8 feet of fabric for each panel. This resulted in curtains about 7’4″ long. I hung the grommets 2″ from the top so they ended up being able to be hung 2″ above my window that was 7′ above the ground…. but more on that later.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

I measured & marked both sides of the fabric & then used the straight edge to draw a line connecting them.

Now, go around the entire edge of the fabric and hem it 1 inch. I did the long sides first and then went back to hem the top and the bottom. To do this, first fold over the edge & iron it to make a crisp fold.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Then, place a strip of hem tape in the fold. Following the directions on your pack of tape, iron each section until the tape melts. Slowly work your way around the fabric. It takes a little while but is E-A-S-Y.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Once you have a clean edge all of the way around, lay your liner on top, good side out.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Now, starting with the long ends again, fold over the edge & hem. I folded over approximately 1 inch, same as the previous hem, on the 2 sides and the bottom.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

If you end up hemming liner-to-liner & not getting any of the outside fabric on your hem, it’s ok. That’s the beauty of hem tape! Just add more & iron again.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

To hem the top, I folded the edge over 5 inches. This allowed space for my grommets and a little wiggle room.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Iron away & remember to hem the sides of the folded part closed, too, if you’re going to use grommets. If not, you can leave it open and stick the curtain thru that fabric tube. If you’re not using grommets, ta-d-a! You’re done!

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

I, however, had to be fancy. My grommets came with a nifty circle tracer tool. So, I eyeballed where I wanted the holes to be (uniformly 2″ from the top- you want it to hang straight) then traced circles to cut out.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

I actually used a knife to stab the first holes… very theraputic.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Then I used craft scissors to cut out the hole.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Then I added the grommets. You put the edge with the lip on the good side & the edge with the teeth on the back. Use the palm of your hand to snap them closed.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

Some went easy and some were a pain in the butt. You have to make sure that you cut out the entire hole or they won’t work. If you have too many layers of fabric, you might want to trim back some of the innter layers. Once I did that, it was very easy.

No Sew Curtains DIY - Charleston Crafted

The whole thing took about 2 hours a curtain. I did it on the living room floor while watching TV. It was easy, the ironing just takes a while.


I have to wait until Sean gets home to hang them. It is so hard to wait!

Have you been up to any projects lately?

How to “activate” a cable outlet

Last week, I showed you how we rearranged our living room. I also mentioned that we hit one snag.

What happened is that Sean swapped the placement of the TV and the couch. We are lucky enough to have a cable outlet on each of the walls in the living room. We previously had it plugged in on the left, but now we can easily plug it in on the right side. Or, so we thought.

Sean moved everything and plugged in the tv in its new spot and…. nothing happened. Ditto internet. I called Comcast (our internet/cable provider) and after being told to wait 30 minutes (nothing happened still) we finally connected to someone that informed us that that outlet wasn’t activated and that we would have to have a technician come out and activate it.

This was annoying because:

  1. We wanted to watch TV NOW!
  2. Technician visit = $$$
  3. Technicians tend to lead to an appointment “between twelve and four” meaning I’d end up having to take a half day off work.

So, I hung up angrily and we rigged up this:

long cable cord

But as I told you before, I really like this new layout. I want it to work. So I went to work on Monday and proceeded to try Googling it. Google had lots of forums with people mostly complaining about Comcast, but little actual help. So, I decided to run it by a Mr. Fix-it coworker. I explained to him that I wanted to activate an outlet. He asked me if I had seen a bundle of coaxial cables- probably with a splitter or two. He said they might be near my electric box, but I knew that it must be the big random bundle of cords in my porch closet!

So apparently, a cable cord can only hold a certain number of out wires. Mine can hold two and had two that were just… dangling. So, I randomly picked one to unscrew and screwed in the other. I then tested the internet in the new outlet… no change. I was starting to think that maybe Mr. Fix it was wrong. So, I tried the other un-attached cable, with low hopes.

activate a cable outlet

activate a cable outlet

activate a cable outlet

activate a cable outlet

Magically, I got the internet box to light up the winning combo! By some miracle, it worked!

So, no, you don’t have to pay your cable provider to activate an outlet. Find the bundle of cords, and plug in one of the loose cords into an output plug. Boom! You should have power!

activate a cable outlet

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February Recap

Hello all! We wanted to take a beat to take a step back & review everything that we shared with y’all in February!

What’s been cooking:

No Lettuce Asian Chicken Salad

This no-lettuce chicken asian salad is super easy & is great for make-ahead lunches for work or busy weekend days.

tortilla soup

I made a huge pot of this 8 can tortilla soup & froze lots of helpings for taking to work for lunch! It’s so yummy & pretty healthy (unless you top it with tons of cheese & eat it with tortilla chips…. not saying I did, not saying I didn’t.)



We decided to bring back the heart shaped gallery wall in the dining room! It is an inexpensive way to fill up a whole wall & adds a touch of sass & whimsy to any room.

lamp revamp

I recovered a lamp shade with cork & base with sisal rope to give it a new, slightly nautical vibe & totally change its look!

DIY Cork Map- Charleston Crafted

I made this cork map of the USA to track our travels. We pinned where we have each been & where we have been together & now we are really itching to go on another trip!

In the Condo:


I showed you the full length mirror hidden jewelry armoire that my mom got me for Christmas. I’m so obsessed & love getting ready every morning & choosing my jewelry from it!

bathroom painted

Painting Guest Bathroom

I painted both of my bathrooms! My master bathroom is Secret Passage grey & the guest bath is Teeny Bikini blue. I am so excited to be done painting!


grey and yellow room

I shared my inspiration for a grey & yellow bedroom. I already have the grey walls & yellow convertor, but I can’t wait to take i up a notch with dark wood accessories, pops of teal and coral, and some major DIY artwork!

moroccan table

We desperately need a new side table in the master bedroom. I made a mood board of some Moroccan inspired tables that I’m digging, though I’m hoping to find something at the thrift store!

collage of coffee tables

I was super inspired by some raw wood coffee & side tables. My dream is to DIY a driftwood coffee table – similar to #2. Can’t wait to see what we can do!

Other stuff:

How to dry a Camelbak Pouch - Charleston Crafted

Sean shared his favorite method for drying out his camelbak. This technique lets you store an empty pack without it getting moldy! Pretty crucial if you ask me.


I shared some silly “Hey Girl” memes that I made for Sean for Valentines day.

February’s been fun but March is going to be so much better! Sean gets home the 16th & we will have a lot of big projects coming up following his arrival!

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Travel Tracking: a DIY Cork Map

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