Taco Thursday for Charleston Restaurant Week!

If you live in Charleston, SC and you’ve never participated in Charleston Restaurant Week, you are missing out big time. During this two week period, restaurants around Charleston offer great deals where you get three courses for either $20, $30 or $40 and you get to experience restaurants you might not normally get to go to. This was our second Restaurant Week since we’ve been together and we decided to try out two restaurants we had never been to and two restaurants that are among our favorites, but had great deals during the fortnight. 

Lucky for us, Charleston Restaurant Week’s wide-variety of participating restaurants allowed us to take a week off from designing our own Taco Thursday menu and take advantage of an easy, yet not as easy as one of my other restaurant reviews, Mexican restaurant with a laid back atmosphere and good food – Juanita Greenberg’s Nacho Royale.

Outdoor Dining at Juanita's - Charleston Crafted

While we are frequent customers of the back patio at the Juanita’s location in downtown Charleston, it was actually the Mt. Pleasant location that was participating in Charleston Restaurant Week. I had never been to this location, and it was pretty obvious right off the bat that there were several advantages and disadvantages over the downtown location. First off, Mt. Pleasant location has a parking lot. Huge advantage to having to drive around for anywhere from 5-30 minutes looking for a parking spot off of King Street. Second big thing I noticed was the outdoor seating. As I mentioned before, the downtown location has a beautiful outdoor patio in the back of the restaurant that offers very comfortable dining for 2 people or a group of 10. At the Mt. Pleasant location, our choices for outdoor dining included choosing an umbrella table literally six feet from the highway or a covered area that was 12 feet from the highway. We chose the latter.

Outdoor Dining at Juanita's - Charleston Crafted

The Restaurant Week menu at Juanita’s was pretty simple, but offered a great deal for us. The deal was two people for $20 so we couldn’t pass it up. Instead of the standard appetizer/entrée/dessert options, we could choose between a bucket of beer or a house margarita, then got chips and salsa, followed by our choice of either a burrito or quesadilla each.

Frozen Margaritas - Charleston Crafted

We chose the frozen house margaritas to quench our thirst during our chips while waiting on our main course. We both chose the burritos, but Morgan went with the routine chicken filling as I (accidently) ordered sausage. I meant to order steak, but somehow spoke the wrong words.

Sausage Burrito - Charleston Crafted

When I got my accidental sausage burrito, I thought it would be fine because I was expecting chorizo. Instead, it seemed to be sliced up bratwurst style sausage. It tasted fine, but wasn’t what I expected and I would recommend going in a different direction yourself. Morgan’s chicken burrito was pretty tasty with the seasoning they used, however neither of us could keep our burritos from leaking all over the place (don’t wear white shorts!!).

What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant in Charleston? Where have you been for Charleston Restaurant Week?

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