How to Tie a Monkey Fist Doorstop

Monkey Fist Doorstop - Charleston Crafted

Sean here! One of my “assignments” when I left for Maryland was that Morgan had seen a great idea to make a monkey fist knot doorstop. It’s a great idea for anywhere, but especially for any nautical-themed room in your house. … Continue reading

A Lamp Revamp

I’ve had this lamp in my room for over a year. I originally got both the pieces at Goodwill & recovered the shade to make it match my pink & blue pinstriped preppy bedroom. However, my new room has more … Continue reading

A Great Gift: DIY Map Heart Art

I love buying people presents, but the crafter in me also loves to make people things. I was recently pinspired by this, this, and this. I decided to make 2 of my own versions- one for Sean & one for … Continue reading

DIY Small Gift Box Tubes for the Holidays!

I love gift wrapping for the holidays! I really like wrapping things and not using gift bags unless I have to. However, sometimes you have really small things that are irregularly shaped (like jewelry in a small ziplock bag) that … Continue reading

It’s a Dog Eat Wall World Out There…

Fixing a dog-chewed wall - Charleston Crafted

Everyone knows that puppies chew on things. Sometimes it’s cute. It’s not so cute when someone else’s puppy chews on crucial structures in the home and then that renter moves out and leaves it. Well, lucky for us, it’s an easy … Continue reading

Three Bathroom Updates

  My master bath is one of the only rooms that I haven’t painted yet- I’m waiting until after the Christmas rush to get to it. I’m also torn on how I’ll paint it- but that’s a surprise. In the … Continue reading

Let There be Light!

I think that one of the easiest ways to take a home for generic to gorgeous is to swap out the builders grade light fixtures for something a little more personal and unique. Unfortunately, I live in South Carolina, where … Continue reading